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Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Cupcakes

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make me choose:
anonymous asked: Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans
     ↣ “I weep at everything. I just love things so much.”

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i particularly recall you, Mr. Darcy, one night after they’d been dining at Netherfield, saying, she ‘a beauty’! I should sooner call her a mother a wit!

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I am not offended by generalizations about white people or cis people. 


I’m not. If a PoC blogger gets fed up and types out a post about white people without clarifying that they meant “not all white people”, or a trans person posts about cis people without saying “not all cis people” I am not offended.

Do you want to know why?

Because in that situation, there is only one of three possible realities:

  1. I think about it and understand that I don’t do those things that the blogger is talking about, and the post isn’t about me really, so I move on.
  2. I think about it and realize that “oh shit” I DO sometimes do whatever it is they are talking about, and I fucking realize that I need to fix that behavior because holy hells I don’t want to be enforcing oppressive bullshit.
  3. It’s a joke at the expense of the oppressive majority. Seriously.

That’s it. Those are the only Three possibilities. The post either isn’t about me, or I’m getting called out on shit I need to fix, or it’s a joke (and not a joke at the expense of the marginalized but at the expense of the privileged). That’s it. Not something I’m going to fight about.

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I’m still thinking about this post  and how funny it would be if Sirius made a “Save the date” thing for Lily and James calling them dorks as a joke

"Witness the great event!  

The biggest dorks in the planet are getting married


(Seriously, I thought I was gonna lose the bet. If they had waited one more month Pam would’ve beat me)”

And Lily and James just look at him like “Really, dude? REALLY?” 

(Later on, he shows them the actual Save the date design and it’s super awesome and lovely so they forgive him, but they never let him or Pam live the whole bet thing down) 

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"Shut up, I’m trying to do a thing, and the Gods of Irony have clearly chosen to back me up here."

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If by August I’m still my pathetic, good for nothing, jobless self I promise I’ll do VEDA again and I will actually plan my videos so they have decent content because


I’m so bad at this

So bad

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do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows

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